The Autograph Collection Goes for Barcelona Bourgeois with the Cotton House Hotel
The Autograph Collection by Marriott is having a controlled growth spurt, circumventing the globe in search of - and finding - the unique, independent hotel. New locations and unusual designs are all over the map, literally, as the Collection stays true to its mantra "exactly like nothing else."

Here's another one adding to the growing list, the Cotton House Hotel, Autograph Collection, opening in Barcelona on February 23rd. Or not, depending on whose web site you check.

The Cotton House Hotel, Autograph Collection, is housed in one fancy schmancy, 19th century building that was the headquarters of the Catalan Association of Cotton Manufacturers. Historically, cotton is regarded as one of the oldest industries in Catalonia, dating to the 12th century. There were guilds in Medieval times, but they probably didn't have digs like this one.

The public rooms are chock full of rich - if not a little overdressed - historic features including a grand marble staircase, original library, and ornate moldings on doors, walls and ceilings, some painted in gold. Times were good for cotton makers.

The task of transforming this much-loved Barcelona landmark was taken on by Lazaro Rosa-Violan Contemporain Studio, who designed Praktik Hotel Bakery and Praktik Hotel Vinoteca. The Rosa-Violan studio balanced the excessive 19th century borgeious with simple yet bold, contemporary interiors. All decorative things considered, we think the old and new complement each other well.

The hotel features 83 guest rooms including seven suites. All rooms and all areas throughout the hotel will have free WiFi. No mention of Marriott Rewards membership requirement. We presume there will some cotton-made linens and fabrics in the rooms as well, yes?